One could say that “Marame” is a love story. Actually, this is a story about love. That special kind of love we feel for things that enable us with grandeur, with intoxicating power, with the overwhelming feeling of belonging to a specific place, an impressive culture, a paradoxical country.

“Marame” is Malvina Cervenschi’s new accessory collection and it tells the story of how Time changes everything. But even when faced with such an amazing power as Time, some things stay the same. And these are the things that define who we truly are. Because everything is connected: from the vibrant colors of the scarf your grandmother wore to the places you knew as a child but only learned to appreciate with time. We gain new learnings every day of our life. We absorb new lessons, explore desires, we give and receive, we love and we suffer, but we never forget where we come from. It is such things as traditions that stood the test of Time that offer us the most valuable lessons: in order to be true to yourself, you have to go back to your roots. Whether it’s motives from Maramures, Bucovina, Harghita, Transilvania or Moldova, we are struck with atonement upon discovering the beauty and the intricacy of their craftsmanship. We wanted to translate this exquisite artistry into wearable fashionable pieces and accessory and to give Romanian Culture the place it deserves fashion-wise.

Featuring a kaleidoscopic and vibrant array of hues and tones, Malvina Cervenschi’s ‘s “Marame” Collection will give your look a unique update, due to its unexpected use of traditional Romanian motives. Inspired by ancient Romanian Folklore stories and patterns, this style showcases the brand’s flair for originality and classic touch.

Inspired by everything related to our roots and traditions, Malvina Cervenschi’s “Marame” makes unique use of traditional prints and motives for her new collection. Scarves are named after people we all know and love: could be your grandmother, your sister, your mother, or that aunt you used to visit in Maramures in your childhood. Antoaneta, Aurora, Paraschiva, Dumitra, Tamara, Elisabeta, etc – are versatile piece that will be treasured for seasons to come and represent a fine example of the label’s innovative blend between classic and modern aesthetic. Also, of Malvensky’s love for things that tell amazing stories.


Marame by Malvensky Official Launch in New York


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